Video Series

Video Transcript

When you’ve been playing golf for a certain amount of time and when you’ve been watching golf on TV for a certain amount of time, you will hear the phrase a three-quarter golf shot. Now first of all how do you play this three-quarter golf shot and what is a three-quarter golf shot as well? A three-quarter golf shot is used when players want to gain a little bit more control over the shot in hand. It is something that you see a lot of players also use when conditions are windy, because there’s less club head speed involved in this three-quarter shot generally speaking the ball will not travel as high and it’s also to easier to control your angle of attack and your swing gap coming down into the point of impact.

From an outside perspective a three-quarter shot and the adoptions that need to be made are relatively simple. As opposed to a full shot you’re not quite swinging back as far so you are using three-quarters of the amount of swing length that you usually do. You are moving down through the point of impact, striking the ball and then using three-quarters of a through swing compared to the full swing which you usually use. And like I said this allows you to gain a lot more control over the ball. However it does have its own pitfalls and you need to make sure that when you are using this technique you are getting into certain potions and making certain alterations from the full swing as well.

Now what we are going to do in this video series is talk through how you can practice it, how you can get into these certain positions and how you can bring the three-quarter shot into the arsenal, because it is a very important thing to be using and it is a very valuable weapon to have when you are out on the golf course.