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Now, when you're watching the better players playing on the golf course and maybe watching them on the TV, you'll often see that golfers don't always fully commit to a 100% full length backswing on a 100% full length follow through. And this is really for two reasons: one, is you generate a little bit more control and accuracy of the shots, and the other thing is to generate more control of the distance of their shots.

So, often you'll find good players are between clubs; is it a six iron, is it a seven iron. And what they'll actually do is rather than trying to force a seven iron onto the green, they'll make a three quarter swing with a six iron and that will just reduce a little bit of distance. But I think it's really useful for club golfers to use this exercise to actually generate a lot more control. You will normally have more control of your accuracy if you make a three quarter swing rather than a full swing just because at the top movement now there's a few things that could go wrong and likewise throw the ball a little three quarter to hold the finish would normally result in a more controlled shot rather than the big full finish that could spray the ball off line.

So, the right way to make the three quarter swing would actually be to use the chests dominate the swing again, taking the golf club back. And feel like your hands and arms stop at chest or shoulder level here, feel like the shaft is quite vertical from this plain. That way it's not--that plane, it's pointing vertically. That plain, not vertical, so don't misunderstand. It's not here, it's there, but from the plain if you're looking head on into a mirror you would see vertical here and then follow it through to vertical here.

And just experiment when you're on the driving range and see how much yardage that would actually take off the shot. It definitely won't go full distance, but you might be surprised that actually with what feels like a three quarters swing you won't just hit three quarter distance, you'll hit beyond there; you'll hit it maybe 10, maybe 15 yards less but you should be a bit more controlled with that.

So if I can just go ahead and set up, my full swing would normally be here and right the way through to full swing here, but I'm going to hit a three quarter held off shot so it's going to feel like a vertical backswing to a vertical follow through which should just keep a little bit more control of my distance and of my accuracy. And once you've hit the golf shot here, watch it land and then check where that club faces or that shaft is and it should still be vertical. So, three quarter to three quarter through, 12 o'clock to 12 o'clock vertical-vertical will give you more control. Try that next time you're on the course.