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Video Transcript

I always think one of the most frustrating shots for a golfer out in the golf course is a fat or a thinned chipped golf shot. So a chip shot would generally be classed as a 20 to 30 yard shot, ideally going over something and then landing and rolling nicely out towards the green, and it should be a shot that a golfer finds relatively simple to do because the technique is quite simple.

When we look at a decent chipping technique, if I do it this way around, we're going to stance – stand a bit narrow, grip down a bit, lean on the left side slightly. But then the technique here is very, very simple. Nothing is complicated with a big full swing, and a big full follow-through. So we know the chipping technique is quite simple. But if something can be simple and difficult at the same time, then chipping is it.

The simple technique, but it's still quite difficult to do consistently, and that's because that margin of error is very, very tight. So the frustration comes from a golfer because they want to just hit this little 20-yard chip shot onto the green, and they've played it out in their head, and it rolls up nice and close, and they tap it in for a par. And then when they actually come to do it, they make this nice little simple technique, but because it's a difficult skill to execute, they hit the ground before the golf ball, only by a couple of millimeters, or centimeters at most, and they it, and it goes no distance at all. And then on the next time they get this chip shot, they think, “Okay, I don't want to hit the ground, I don't want to hit the ball fat like I did last time.” So they lift up slightly, this time they thin it rather than fat it. They thin it, which is hitting higher up on the ball. The ball shifts off the other side of the green.

So in two relatively simple chip shot actions, the results so far have been five feet in front of them, and fifty-five feet straight through the other side of the green and over the – over the other side of the green, possibly into a bunker. So the technique we know is quite simple, but the skill is also quite difficult to do on a repetitive consistent basis. And a chip shot is all about the quality of the strike. So in these next few videos, we're going to explain about how we can try and be more consistent with the strike to avoid the fat or the thin chip shots.