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Video Transcript

Now if you want to improve your chipping game one of the biggest things that you need to be working on is your front arm, so for the right handed golfer we are talking about the left arm being the lead arm and the position of the lead arm throughout your chipping game will make a massive difference on the quality of strike that you get on the golf ball. When you set up the ball when you are chipping we would like to place the ball in the center of the feet but have the left arm quite a long way in front of the golf ball, so it almost creates a straight line from the shaft through the left arm. And for a short chip we want to keep that left arm and that left shaft line as straight as possible throughout the motion. So we keep this one piece movement and we turn it through in a one piece movement. Now a good checkpoint here is if I grip very low down on the shaft, and I make that motion there is my butt end of the golf club my shaft here stay close and under my left arm and you can see that it does. If I had a very flicky, wristy, scoopy action you can see the butt end points all different which ways. So if you face on into a mirror effective one of my cameras and then you swing back and through and you can keep through butt under the golf club hidden that’s a great little tip to help you with that left arm position.

As we are keeping that straight and firm we have got to make sure we don’t get too tense, too tight if you got too much grip pressure in this, that will be very detrimental to the control that you have when you chip the golf ball so not squeezing the life out of the golf club that wouldn’t really work for you, but nice and firm and solid with that left arm without too much wrist de scoop. One of the thing to check there is in the follow through, I don’t want to afflict my left wrist up here, so after I have hit my chip with my left arm in a nice straight line still effectively the same position I started with the setup and I haven't scooped underneath it. If you can control your leading arm you should control your chip shot so much better.