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Video Transcript

Now, if you follow my previous drill of chipping and pitching just using the right hand on it’s own, it is a similar influence it would like to use the left hand on it’s own as well. Again, sometimes the left hand gets a bit too weak. It breaks down. It lets the right hand dominate too much and again, it ends up in a scooping flicking position.

The feeling with this is that the left hand, if you’re wearing a glove on your left hand, you can use your glove as your marker, make sure your left hand doesn’t slow down to willow your stop.

If in a normal chipping action, my left hand gets to the golf ball and slows down, the right hand will take over. We scoop and we don’t want it on a pitch. We’d like the left hand to keep moving nicely forward here staying in front of the right hand. Not like in the right hand roll over and overtake.

So the one hand in pitching exercise just with the left hand all in the center, hand and body weight to the left hand side but then keep the left hand moving through. Don’t be tempted to flick it to a standstill and the stop to try and bring your left hand around through to, to the hip or chest level in the follow through to keep the club head moving and don’t just flick it tip with your hands. So I’ll make a nice set of their ball in the center, lean on the left side, a nice little pitch and my left hand is kept moving forward to a nice follow through position. I haven’t let the left hand stop.

If I then bring both hands back together, my right hand doesn’t want to scoop under. My left hand doesn’t want to let it. It wants to keep moving. It certainly doesn’t want to stop and then both hands swing as one unit and my chipping and pitching with my 2 handy grip will improve if I practice the individual elements correctly, left hand and right hand, want to put them together, I can guarantee you’d be a better chipper.