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So I'm sure you're aware that golf is a target orientated sport. It's not all about distance; it's about hitting distance after target. Therefore the alignment process, similar for a rifle shooter, the alignment process is one of the most important parts of setting up the golf ball. So we have to make sure aiming exactly where we want the ball to go. But you got to be careful that you get your golf feet position and aiming exactly where you want the ball to go as well. More importantly, your feet needs to aim parallel to where you want the ball to go.

So just as a very simple demonstration here, we'll take our ball here, and we want the ball to go at the tee peg so we line that up exactly there. Now if I put my feet down, then my feet won't point exactly where the ball wants to go. That way? Well, not really because my feet are pointing there, I can't really make a good solid swing. My feet would actually want to go that way; therefore the ball would want to go over there. So I don’t actually want my feet to point where the ball wants to go. My feet should point parallel to that line. So my feet should point on this [indiscernible] [01:10], it’s very much almost the train line analogy. It's quite a common analogy in golf that you stand on one rail of the train tracks and you hit the ball down the second rail of the train tracks.

Now if I'm doing a demonstration now on the short range, just to the tee peg, you can see it's quite a pronounced problem that the alignment almost looks like a triangle rather than a train line. I find hitting it a very long shot, maybe 200, 300 yards. My flag is here, my alignment would just be the same 2, 2 ½ feet left of the flag. Now over 300 yards, 2 ½ feet, probably isn’t worth worrying about, so on your longer shots, yes, aim your feet at the target. But on your shorter, more accurate shots, aim your feet just this parallel left position, with just the 2 ½ feet left. Then make sure that when you're setting up, your feet are along the target line, your club is placed on the bolted target line. The clubface is dead square. You might consider getting a club that’s easier to align. The Thomas Golf series of golf clubs and hybrid clubs have alignment markings on the back. So when you put the club down, it stays dead square at the target, your feet then point parallel left of the target line on the second train line. Get your alignment like that and you'll find more accurate shots flying off the clubface.