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Now it’s an old adage, but it’s fair to say that you can't build a good house without strong foundations. And the same approach applies to your putting game. You can't build good fundamental sound putting mechanics without having a stable base. So a couple of key things I’d like you to work on here. First thing is you are going to have light grip pressure. So when we set up to the putt, we want to have a good position here, but we want light grip pressure. Any real tension in the forearms is going to create a lot of wobbliness going on in the hands and arms, so nice light grip pressure back and through without too much tension. When your grip gets tight, you’ll tend to have fast bits and slow bits in your putting stroke, accelerating and decelerating too much, so nice relaxed light gripped pressure to give you a nice even smooth back and through stroke. The next thing I’d like you to consider is the stable eye position. So the eyes start off nicely sitting directly over the top of the ball nice and level, and then during the stroke they don’t move.

We don’t want the eyes to follow the club back and then follow the club through and watch it and look for it or anything like that. We get the eyes nicely fixed over the top of the ball and we come back and through nice and steady with no extra head motion or extra head movements. Anybody that’s watching the club coming back, watching the ball racing through is probably going to find the foundation of that putting stroke isn’t good enough. So light grip pressure stabilize. The next thing to focus on, just have a little nice solid base. So at the bottom half here the legs are going to be nice and still and stable. Everything stays still and moves. We don’t have the legs rocking backwards and forwards bottom half is still, top half rocks back and through, but there is no leg action going on down below. Try and bring those three fundamentals into your putting stroke and understand this idea that we need to build a good solid putting stroke over a good solid fundamentals. Light grip pressure, stable eye position and a nice stable base should help improve your putting stroke.