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Video Transcript

Now we need to find out how you can find the right golf swing thoughts for you when you are out on the golf course. Now first of all we need to eliminate what is not a good golf swing thought. So for example if you have been working on swing play during the lesson or you’ve been working on swing play within your swing and you’re taking the club away and you’re thinking about trying to get that club traveling nice and wide on the way back, hinging up the wrist so the shaft angle is pointing down at the target line, turning up to the top, returning the shaft into that position before moving down into impact. That is not a proper swing thought to be taking on the course because in none of that thought was anything to do with target.

A lot of people believe if they just focus on swing thoughts and focus on the process of their swing then by just chance that ball is going to find their way to target. In no other sport is this the case and it is not the case in golf. Target has to be your focus. Now this is difficult for lot of players because when they get out onto the course, it’s almost impossible for them not to swing without a swing thought. However, the deal that you can make with yourself is to have a swing thought but it has to have target in mind. It has to have the word target in whatever you are doing.

So for example on the takeaway if you move the club away from the ball and you say to yourself, “Okay, I’m going to set this club back off along the target line.” That’s an absolutely fine swing thought. It’s at the very start of the technique, it has target in and it brings in the impression of your mind that there is a line down towards your eventual target. Another swing thought which will be acceptable is as you’re turning through is rotating the hips towards the target. Again, this is moving the body through the point of impact and focusing the mind down towards where the target can be.

So if your swing thought is overly technical, you’re talking about playing, you’re talking about top of the backswing position, wrist positions as you move away, none of that will be useful when you’re out on the course. If you can include target within your swing thought then that is the most ideal one to be taking out onto the course.