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Video Transcript

After hearing the golf commentators on the TV talking about someone’s natural shot shape, or he shapes it like this naturally or her natural shot shape is like that, and you can't say, “What’s my natural shot shape? What do I do naturally?” Well, it’s probably the shot that you hit most consistently. Let’s say we’re taking a drive, and let’s say we’re going to hit ten shots. If six of those shots move from right to left, two move from left to right and two go dead straight, you’d probably say that the right to lefter, the six out of tenner, that’s going to be your natural shot shape. So sort of shop that you just put the ball down in front of you. Don’t think too much, go ahead, and make your swing. And if it curves one particular way, we would claim that that’s your natural shot shape. Now, it’s important a golfer can establish what his natural shot shape is, as long as it’s not a troublesome shot.

Now if you say to me, well my six out of tenner is a shank, well that's my natural shot shape, but that’s clearly something we want to work on. We can’t have, or we certainly don’t want to have a natural shot shape that actually puts us is in any difficulty or any trouble. If our natural shot shape is a five yard little right to left row down the middle, then that's pretty good. We can cope with that natural shot shape. We can play with that. But if our natural shot shape is a slight straight into the trees and out of bounds, I wouldn’t really class it as a natural shot shape. It’s not certainly, not something you can go ahead and work with. You’d want to improve on that, before you got that, I’d say it was a little fade. Maybe it’s a big slice, but if you improve that big slice you turn it into a little fade, you then might call it your natural shot shape and you can go ahead and play with that natural shot shape.

If you got a natural shot shape that works and is playable, that’s your base swing. We can then develop other areas from that natural shot shape, but if you’re certain if your natural shot is in trouble, keep working on it until it’s back to, until it’s a playable natural shot shape.