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Video Transcript

I think we’ve all experienced that time on the golf course where you’re right in the zone, the mental zone where everything just seems effortless; your swing thoughts don’t really seem to be too preoccupying in your mind, you’re looking at the target, you’re only focus is the target. The ball just seems effortless off the club face and it lands on the green and you look at your score card and you think, “I’m having the best round I’ve ever had here, I’ve had five or six holes I’m pretty close to the par, I’m underneath my handicap.” And then things start to falter a little bit you start to doubt yourself, you start to question, you can feel yourself sort of disengaging from the zone and suddenly the score creeps away from you.

If only we would find ourselves in that zone more frequently, more regularly. But don’t think yourself alone here you look at top players they’ll do the same sort of thing; they might have nine holes, six or seven on the par they look like they’re going to shoot 59 and on the back nine they fritter it away shooting a level par, still a good score but they weren’t able to keep in the zone for long enough. So then it’s important that you pick the right mood for yourself on the golf course, some golfers like to go out in the golf course all pumped up and geared up. You saw Bubba Watson and you saw Ian Poulter at the last Ryder Cup whipping the crowd up into a frenzy on the first tee, actually getting the crowd to cheer as they teed off because those two players feel they play their best golf when they’re really pumped up and that gets them in the zone. Other golfers, maybe even Tiger likes to keep the crowd a little bit quiet around the first tee, doesn’t want too many whooping and hollering unless he is on a real charge. When Tiger is charging, he is fist pumping, he is running around the greens and he is getting the crowd to play their part when he is around the greens and he is in the zone then.

For yourself just make sure you go out there and you feel comfortable on the golf course, if being calm and relaxed is your state of mind then walk slowly take your time, not too many fist pumps. If you feel lethargic and you feel tired on the golf course then maybe walking a bit quicker, a bit brisker and doing a bit of the old fist pumping and gearing yourself up maybe that will work well for yourself. Think about the mental game, keep yourself in the zone and play better golf.