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How can you find your go-to shot? And the concept of a go-to shot really implies the fact that golfers have a shot that they are more comfortable with hitting. So certainly under pressure maybe first tee nerves or playing down the last hole, or even just playing over water, golfers might have a stock shot that they would rather hit. Now unless you know what your go-to shot is. Here is a little experiment, a little way of testing that out. So take a 150 yard shot. Take your normal 150 yard club be it a seven or six iron, whatever that may be and take 15 balls and start by trying to hit five fades. Then try and hit five straights. Then try and hit five draws. And just have a good look at the results of those five different shots. And work out which shot shape gave you the best average. And it would be fair to say that as long as you felt comfortable making the swing and the results worked out nicely and quite close to the flag. You probably would then have found your stock shot; your go-to shot. And it would be then that shot you would try and play for most of the times that you are certainly feeling pressure and in difficult situations.

It might not be the prettiest shot, it might not go the furthest, but it’s a sort of shot that would work for you in difficult situations. You could then maybe repeat that test again with a hybrid club three wood or even your driver. Again 15 shots pick a fairway. Five fades, five straights, five draws. Look at you averages. It might be a different go-to shot with a different club. It might be that you have a go-to draw shot with an iron or go-to straight shot with a hybrid, and a go-to fade shot with a driver. And those are the shots with those clubs that you will under pressure; that’s the best way to find your go-to golf shot.