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Now if you're interested in striking the ball better when you're playing golf and let's be honest; who isn’t interested in striking the ball better? One of the nice little easy ways that you can check where your current ball striking is; is go and get yourself some impact tape. Now impact tape they sell at the golf shop or actually the golf shop might be able to just give it to you because they’ll use it all the time in club fitting processes. And if they're giving out demo clubs, they might wrap the club in tapes. So if you take it out on the range, you don’t damage it. So go and get yourself some impact tape, place it on the club face, go ahead and hit five shots; and try and have a little think as you're hitting those shots about where your feel like you are striking the ball. And then go ahead and check and actually see whether you struck the ball in the correct position, which should really, for most irons be exactly in the center of the club. You can also then understand, did you group your shots together, were they in the middle, the toe or the hill, or did you scatter on the ball all over the club face? Now if you can understand your ball striking by utilizing the tape, then you can go some way to helping yourself improve on that strike.

If you can’t find impact tape from the pro shop or anywhere like that, just a bit of masculine tape or even brand parcel tape, a little strip of that over the club face. Anyway you can see where you've actually struck it on the club face is a good thing for you to check, it gives you great instant feedback. And the second point I'd like to make about getting a good strike on the ball is creating a lag. If you can create lag in a golf swing, it’s probably one of the most single most important things that you can do in your downswing to improve your ball striking. Now lag is the fact that this left arm is in a straight line that’s set up at impact but we create lag on the backswing. So when we've got an angle here between the shaft and the left forearm, that would be classed as a lag angle. So as we’re pulling down towards the golf ball here, we creating lag and most importantly we’re holding onto lag. Any time that we flick out and release that angle, chances are we’re going to hit the ground first before the golf ball, therefore creating a bad strike. So we’re going to be bad ball striking if we’ve got lag, but then we get rid of it and we hit the ground first. We should have lag, hold on to lag, turn on top of the ball creating more and more lag; hitting down on the ball, maintaining some of that lag. So we hit the ball with a straight arm or actually a slight forward press. That would hit down on the golf ball better, creating a better ball strike. So lag angle, and using impact tape on the club face are two great ways of checking your ball striking.