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Golf is a game all about ball striking. There is no point having the prettiest looking golf swing and using the best equipment on the market if you can’t accurately strike the golf ball. And at any level of the game, you will always be able to watch and tell the better ball strikers and even at the tour level with the best players in the world, there is still a difference between the good players and the great players when it comes down to ball striking.

So ball striking is simply put, how we make contact with that golf ball, but we are not just trying to do this once, we are trying to do this over and over again, time after time, the most consistent base as possible, because ball striking will control the height of the shot, the direction of the shot, the distance the shot goes. And without control over those things, a golfer simply cannot play golf to a very high level. And when we consider how difficult ball striking is, it’s a wonder we might contact with this ball at all. You know we have got a very, very small club head and within that club head we have gotten even smaller sweet spot.

The sweet spot is about the size of your thumbnail right in the middle of the golf club be it on the iron on be it on the driver, smaller unabated club and a bit larger on a more cavity back or easier to hit iron, but roughly the size of your fingernail in the middle of the club head. Then we have got a very small ball and sometimes lying on the ground sometimes lying in thick grass or even sand and we are always trying to make contact with the middle of the ball right into the middle of this club head. And then we swing this golf club right away round behind this and we haven’t got a clue where the club head is now, we can’t possibly see it and as it comes back down to the ball it’s coming through that roughly a 100, 110 miles an hour sometimes with the driver and we are trying to hit that thumbprints.

So there is no reason – well that’s the reason why ball striking is very, very difficult to do and that will often separate the good players from the bad players and the great players from the good players as well.