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Video Transcript

With this golf tip video we’re going to have a look at how to hit a long greenside bunker shot effectively. I think one of the most important things when you are faced with a long greenside shot so we are looking at between 20 and 40 yards here is to be definite about what you are wanting to do and not to get pull in two minds. So for me I would not play this like a splash shot I wouldn’t hit the sand, I’ll play more like a pitch shot and take the ball cleanly off the top of the sad, but what you don’t want to do is get caught in two minds and end up doing half of one thing and half of another. So we are not going to play the shot with the sand iron because of the distance we are wanting we’re looking at between 20 and 40 yards here, so have a go with your pitching wedge or even your nine iron. Play with that club and look at your set ups slightly differently, we’re going to look to take the ball cleanly off the top of the sand. So in order to do this we’re going to play the ball from the middle of your feet, but we’re not going to wriggle your feet in like you usually would, if you wriggle your feet in it will lower you down into the sand and then you’ll end up with a club head strikes the sand and goes under the ball. And we want to take this ball cleanly and not strike the sand, so don’t wriggle the feet in.

The second thing to look for differently here is hold down the handle a little bit lower than you usually would, again what this would do is that it would start to shorten the distance between the club head and yourself, and that the shorter this distance is, the cleaner you are going to swing that club head over the top of the sand, so you won’t strike the club head down and into the sand. so setup with the ball in the middle of the feet holding down on the handle to take a nice clean strike, slightly on the left side and work on just hinge in the wrist to get the club head up little bit steeper than normal, as you swing back so you can strike down and cleanly take the ball. The other thing you’ve got to do when you’re playing this shot is work on keeping your posture, so not letting in the knees drop down or not letting the body drop or lift, if you hold to your posture height again you’re going to start to find that especially if you drop your posture down you are going to strike the ground first. So maintain the posture high ball in the middle, weights on the left, slightly holding down on the club and then hinge the wrist and take the ball really cleanly off the top of the surface. That would give you a really long bunker shot, you’ll find that you are able to hit the green and if you swing nice and softly as you do that, the ball is going to land softly and is going to stop on the green helping you to get really accurate and close to that pin.