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Video Transcript

If you’re looking for detail at how the fingers actually sit directly on to the club, we’re often told about how the hands are placed here. But I want to talk more specifically now about the individual role of the fingers and the pressure that they apply.

As we look through the left hand, the club sets across the back three fingers from the knuckle of the index finger through to the pad just above the little finger. But as the club is held here, these three fingers sit together and this one protrudes a little bit. It’s that one that we’ll use to either interlink or to get overlapped by the right hand. So, these three fingers, they’re the main focus of holding the club. So, the back three fingers of your left hand as a right-handed golfer should take the majority of the pressure.

And then if you’re an interlinker or an overlapper of the golf club, the middle two fingers of your right hand hold quite to lower the power and the tension and the grip. And then, the index finger of the right hand can be used to sit a little bit away from the rest of the hand, almost protruding slightly. We talk about that as the trigger finger. So, making my grip nicely here, I interlink my middle two fingers and my right index finger sits away a little bit, protruding as a trigger finger. And if I just hold that club evenly in my hands and feel where the pressure is, the pressure is through the back three fingers of my left hand, the middle two fingers of my right hand. Overall, my grip…