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Video Transcript

Now if anyone has ever tried to help you improve at golf, particularly one in your group on the golf course, undoubtedly a piece of advice they pass on, you must keep your head down. Well that’s nonsense. I know that’s nonsense. You can’t possibly keep your head down the whole time; it will only restrict your backswing and restrict your follow-through.

But, you do need to a certain keep your head stable and keep your head level, but there’s a difference here. Now, if you watch any of the better players playing on the television, particularly if you can see them from a down-the-line angle, you get to this position that we’re going to call, "laying your head on the pillow," which we’d be taking the club to the top and as you bring the club down through the golf ball and extend through, this sort of position of laying your head slightly on an angle to the side and as I start to look up to follow my golf ball, my head is tilted to the side a little bit.

So from the front on, I’m going to stay down, hit through impact and then my head is going to lay slightly to the side. And the real point here is you don’t really lift your head up until your right shoulder or your rear shoulder if you’re left-handed, makes you lift out of the shot. So it isn’t a case that I’m just going to lift my head up to watch the golf ball. That is a fundamental mistake. So I wouldn’t want to swing and immediately pop my head up to see where the ball has gone. It’s actually the raising of the chest there that would cause me a problem, that would make me hit the top of the golf ball and a fairly common beginner’s shot of thinning it and schooling the ball.

So I’d like to be able to stay down through impact for as long as I possibly can until my right shoulder, my rear shoulder encourages me to lift my head with this laying my head on the pillow idea and then looking up to a big finish.

So at some point you have to lift your head out of the shot. You can’t keep your head down and you shouldn’t keep your head down right away through the finish. That results in a very stunted follow-through like this. But your head will lift up when your right shoulder lays it on the pillow and then brings you around to a nice, tall, follow-through position.

So next time you’re watching the golfers on the TV, try and have a look for that laid on the head pillow position with the head and try to incorporate that into your own practice routine as well.