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Video Transcript

As you can see, I have now joined you with a ball severely above my feet, it’s quite a big slope this way, so I have got the ball well above my feet and here we are going to investigate what happens to the golf swing and then how that would effect the ball in the next video. So as I set up the golf ball here, I can already feel there is quite a lot of weight pulling back onto my heels. The hill is really trying to get me to pull away from the golf ball and I could be very off balance. So we often see people here hitting the ball and then falling quite severely off balance backwards.

The other thing that happens to the swing from here, it actually makes the posture stand quite upright, because the ball is nearer to me so I stand upright which in turn results in quite a flat or rounded golf swing. If I am setting up to the ball and I make my normal back swing it pulls me quite flat rather than being more up, it’s a lot flatter around the body which could result in quite a flat followthrough as well. So I need to work hard around my balance and my swing plane, otherwise the hill has too much influence over the shots I hit and ultimately on the direction that the golf ball will go in.