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Video Transcript

As I stand the ball now in this ball above feet exercise golf drill that I have set up, from the previous two videos, we have understood about what the hill is trying to do to the swing. We have also understood what the hill is trying to do to the golf ball, we now have to make the relevant compensations to try and make sure that this ball lands where we expect it to land. So in my set up position, we know that hill is trying to pull me back onto my heels and round my swing off too much, so I have to work really hard to set my body weight nicely up onto my tip toes. I also know that the hill effectively brings the ball nearer to me and I could be prone to be hitting fat shots, so I am actually going to grip down the golf ball little bit to shorten my club, effectively not holding this fit, so if the club doesn’t dig into the floor too much with a very fat strike.

I also know that the club face is pointing more left and is going to impart quite a lot of draw spin on the ball or hook spin here, so we have got two options here, either I can fight that and try and hit the cut from the sly and not release my hands which is quite difficult to do unless I feel normal predetermined shape. Alternatively, I will let the hill do what it wants to do to the ball which is turn the ball from right to left but I simply just allow for it, so I would go ahead and aim a lot further down the right-hand side just let my normal swing take effect, and except the ball to move from right to left.

So here I am going to set up to the right side, grip down on the golf club, keep my body weight nicely into my toes and not let it get pull back onto my heels, then just make my normal swing and expect the ball to shape from right to left. It’s well worth on this slope particularly taking an extra couple of practice rings just to get a feel of contacting the grounds that we feel that we are swinging at the right level particularly being conscious of the fact the hill normally wants you to fat it and dig in too early.

Don't forget, that’s why we grip down on the golf club. So a set up here after those practice swings, we are aiming on the right-hand side, we are gripping down, staying balanced on the tiptoes, and the ball comes out with a right to left flight. I will be honest with you even with my compensations I made I did still catch on a little bit heavy but I got away with it and it drew from right to left quite nicely. So go ahead and make those compensations next time you are playing with the ball above your feet.