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So after we’ve completed this backswing with a nice full turn and we’ve managed to get the angle set between the wrist and the shaft to this 90 degree point, what we need to be looking at is how you can actually isolate that position moving into the downswing, because this is where all the magic happens. A lot of people you see manage to get that wrist edge over the backswing. It all looks very good, but then on the start of the downswing, that angle is lost as they actually move down into the ball. And it is at that point we really need to isolate these movements and these feelings and get it right. It’s at the top of the backswing to pretty much halfway through the downswing. It’s a very small part of the swing but it’s the part of the swing that a lot of people do struggle with. So what you want to be saying is as you get in that nice strong set up position, we talked about that nice wide take where you get in those wrists set, and then turning up to the top of the swing.

From here, what I want you to feel like or what I want you to practice is moving it down into this position here. Where that left arm is pointing is pointing pretty much straight down at the ground, and that angle, that 90 degree angle in the wrist is still being maintained. Now that may feel quite extreme and in many ways it is. Because you know actually you aren’t going to be able to hold that angle for that long with the driver. But what that is, is a real exaggeration. So if you can get to the top of the swing, and from that position to this position try and maintain those angles for as long as possible. That will isolate the key area of the swing in which you need you need to have this wrist set. If you can set it in that position and keep it set in that position, you are then ready to really smash this ball a long way. There’s a few things that we need to tweet before that however, but if you can isolate at that part of the swing and get it set, you’re well on your way to hitting a very long drive indeed.