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So the final part of the equation to prove that you don't need to thin the golf ball is this idea that you don't need to try and help the ball up in the air. A lot of golfers just instinctively think that if that we’re going to throw a ball in the air, we're going to try and throw a ball up over a tree we would lean back and throw from the underneath. And if we had a tennis racket in our hands, we would probably open the loft and hit from the underneath and hit it up in to the sky. Golf is a very different game to that because in golf the ball is already on the floor. So we can't come from underneath.

All we can do is come down from the top with enough loft that it will go up in the air. So when I set up to a golf ball I have to trust that I've chosen the right club to go in the sky. And particularly if I’ve got something to go over, be it a pond at low level or even a tree at high level, I have enough loft in my club. My responsibility is to hit down with that club, and the club will do its job to get the ball in the air. A lot of golfers thin the golf ball because they're leaning back trying to help it out. Bodyweight comes back behind the ball, right hand flicks, and scoops and they try and hit the ball over the object or up into the sky.

So let's go ahead and prove that principle again. We set up a ball in the middle; bodyweight is slightly to the left and hit down. And I can make a really good hit down into the floor, and that ball just fires up into the sky. And you can see a massive big chunky divot right after the golf ball. So the ball was first, then there was a divot. That shows how aggressively that club was coming down into the floor, ball rides up and flies off and the club just carries on into the ground. So that ball first then divot shows that we’re striking down correctly, shows that we are utilizing enough loft.

So let's avoid any leaning back trying to scoop the ball in the air as ideas. Let's trust the loft on the golf club by hitting down, and by doing that a few times on the driving range, I can go out on the golf course with the confidence that the club I choose has enough loft. I hit down, ball pops up and hopefully we get rid of those topping and those thinning golf shots for you.