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Video Transcript

So when we are looking to create consistency within the golf swing there are a few drills that you can use which are kind of all inclusive, they will help kind of guide you no matter what issues that you are having. And this particular drill is an absolute cracking. It’s so simple, it’s so easy, and it’s also so effective for what you want to do because it brings in so many different kind of categories of your swing that you maybe struggling with. So what I’ve done here, is I have just set a ball, I’ve just teed off a little low tee peck and I’ve got my eight iron.

Now this drill kind of incorporates paths and incorporates angle of attack, incorporates strike; it just does absolutely everything. If you do have some foot spray or some impact tape to so see where you’re striking on the face, it would be useful, it would be useful. But this drill; so simple. What you need to do is start with the feet together and get the middle of the feet pretty much lined up with the ball, because there's an eight-iron here I want it to be banging the central of my stance. Now I'm going to get the club set just slightly ahead of the ball like so and then what am going to do, is take it away so my left arm is nice and straight, the club is pointing now straight behind me, add a little of wrist engine, come down try and strike with the ball and then try and repeat those motions on the other side.

What this does, it isolates angle of attacking swing ark because the ball is in the centre of my stance. I can see very clearly if I come through, where my club is going: left, if it's going off to the right hand side, if it’s coming straight through; I know where am striking on the centre of my face, off the toe; the heel, because my foot sprayed, because my impact tape -- when am taking it back I can check if am coming on the inside, if am hunching too quickly, if am taking on the outside; with this drill there are so many things that I can check all in one place. Have you guys -- if you are showing any consistency, this is where the magic will happen; impact. There is no point of having to look through the crazy things that are happening within your swing unless you can identify what it is causing at the point of impact; this is key. You can have some crazy moments in your swing and still strike a fantastic shot. So what you need to do first of all, use this drill, identify where on the face you’re striking, identify if you’re hitting down, you’re hitting up, if it’s out to in, if it’s in to out; break it down into this point here and then build up from it.