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So if you want the ultimate combination in your driving of massive distance yet really good accuracy, here's a couple of little drills that will help you out.

The first thing we need to do in the back swing is create our power. We're going to achieve that by winding up the upper body, turning the shoulders as much as we can, feel like we're trying to create a 90 degree shoulder rotation, but without giving up too much on the front heel. If the front heel and the front knee start to give in this way, we might generate some power but we'll certainly lose accuracy and consistency because of this. So good exercise for you, normal setup, big turn into the back swing, feel like your back is facing the target, yet you haven't given up too much in the legs. It should feel quite tight and stiff, but just remember that's you coiling the spring and winding the spring up.

The next move from the top is to release your power, driving through to a big finish. When we drive through to a big finish, a good drill allowed would be to actually step through with the right leg or the rear leg. That would encourage you to tally that you've had your body weight moving from your right side where you generated power through to your left side where you released the power. The first move in your down swing would therefore be sinking the hips, and the heel turning that way into the left side. There you go, driving your power, releasing through with that right foot into a nice big finish position. So you've got a nice, big wind-up and a big drive down, releasing into the finish position, and bombing the ball down there as fast and as far as possible.

And if you can generate more club head speed, you've still got to try and get about 60 percent fairways. You look at the world's best players, yes, they're hitting the ball 300 yards, but they're not springing it all over the golf course. They're still hitting around about 60 percent of the fairways.

So if you can combine a good deal of power and a good deal of accuracy, 60 percent fairways - that's a good combination to the best driving you can manage.