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So creating a pure ball strike should be your only real thought or feeling during the downswing if you want to be a consistent player. We've got to get really good contact on this golf ball. So we've got to get the right contact for the height of swing, we've also got to get the right contact for the sideways eye action in the golf swing as well. So the key to this eye fill is be nice and consistent and steady in your body action. If you're nice and steady and consistent, your club can learn to strike the ball at the right height and the right position. If your body is moving up and down too much or side to side too much, we’ve got big problems. So I'm going to start up by taking a good address position, lining up to the seven iron I've got here. Now this is my impact position – sorry, this is my set up position and this would be my impact position. Now you can see how that differs slightly from set up to impact. The biggest changes that I feel are your body weight position. Your body weight is dramatically more forwards for a good impact position; you could say even 85, 90% over on that left hand side with the sternum and the chest infront of the golf ball, really quite aggressively ahead.

We then focus on a nice flat lift wrist. If we've got a nice flat lift wrist as we’re coming down in front of the ball, we can take a good divot after the golf ball. If there’s an opportunity where the left wrist is actually going to bend and flip and scoop and trying to lift the ball up in the air, you can see what happens, how I hit the ground much further behind the ball which is going to give me a poor ball striking. So body weight left, left hand leading, hitting down with a nice straight left side ball and turf after. Now you should look after the vertical height of the golf swing particularly if I'm nice and steady with my head. If my head’s dipping, it could be too low; rising up could be hittting the top of the golf ball, that's going to cause me problems. The other area to consider is to making sure you're nice and balanced, making sure that we're balanced here at the set up with the correct distance away from the ball, but also we’re not going to fall forwards or we’re not going to jump out and lean out of the way, because that's going to affect the ball striking, be it toe or be it heel. So if you can work on having that steady head position, that straight left side, body weight on that left leg taking ball and turf, that should improve your ball striking, and overall it should improve your golf.