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Video Transcript

Here is a really fantastic tip to sharpen up your short game and to improve the contact that you get on the golf ball when you are chipping. And this exercise even better because you can practice inside in the house. So when it’s cold and wet and rainy out on the practice green and you don’t want to go out practicing, here is a great tip that you can practice in the house. You take a coin to start with and you place it on the ground. And we are going to start to try and chip the coin. Now I’m just going to try and chip it into this wall simply so I can pick it up and put it out back on the mat, rather than actually chipping it sideways into the driving range. As you practice this at home and just chip the ball or chip the coin sorry, up and down the hallway, they’ll help you get really good contact on the coin or the golf ball next time you go and play. The reason this is such a good exercise and the reason why it works is because the coin sits very flat to the floor or the carpet. So you have to be very accurate about how the club impacts on the coin and then ultimately on the golf ball. If the golf ball is big, a lot of people get there eye taken by the top of the ball and they start to see the top of the ball as the bit they want to hit. And clearly that’s not going to work, you’ll hit the top and the ball will roll downwards.

Alternately, they are try to scope the ball up in the air, they are trying to hit the ground and lift the ball and we know that isn’t a good impact position either. So by having a coin flat to the ground, I have to work very hard on striking down correctly. So if I’m leaning back on this, I’m going to hit the ground and I’m going to leave the coin there on the floor because I’m in the wrong impact position. Likewise if I’m swinging too high, I simply don’t catch the ground or the coin at all and that would be a top a thin shot out on the golf course. Here I’m going to set up nicely, position my body weight onto my left side and focus on a nice down strike trying to use nip underneath the coin and flick it up against the wall. And if I do this correctly you’re going to there is a nice clean contact and the coin jumps up into the air. And I will try that again setting up, leaning left, hitting down and the coin jumps up into the air. One more time, just turning around to the camera to finish off and hopefully you’ll be able to see the coin jumping up nice and high as I hit down. It comes up into the air. So when you are practicing at home, chipping down underneath the coin trying to get a good strike rather than leaning back and scoping or swinging over the top with your chip shots.