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So this video is now going to approach looking at how we can draw the ball successfully with an iron. If we've established that we're trying to swing the club from the inside and hit the inside part of the golf ball, that's fine. But there are some things we need to do specifically with an iron that will help us draw the ball as well. One of the things we've got to consider is, if we have the ball too far forwards in the stance, that's going to create a little bit of a problem. So having the ball too far up towards that left side, as the club comes in and approaches the golf ball, we've got to make sure that club is still travelling out to the right. If that club is starting to travel back towards the left side, then the club is now attacking the ball from out to in and that's going to cause problems with the path of the club. If the path of the club is too much down the left, then we're in big trouble. So we've got to have this ball just middle or slightly ahead of middle for the irons, longer irons can creep a little bit further forwards but make sure the path of the swing is still travelling out to the right hand side as we approach the ball to hit the inside to create the draw. One of the other considerations we've got to make when we're setting up to an iron is actually where we are aiming. We need to make sure that we're aiming to allow for a draw. We make sure we're aiming at or slightly right of target to encourage the ball to start at or right of target and then shape back in a little bit.

Soon you've got to be very careful and not aiming left. If we're aiming left and trying to draw the golf ball, chances are we’re going to end up pulling it. It's going to stall left of target and then move further away from target to the left hand side and it work – that would actually be a set up more for a fade you know aiming left and fading it would be okay. But aiming left and then trying to draw it, you've got big problems for a right handed golfer. One last thing that I would ask you to question with your draw shots with your irons, is just making sure you are not standing up through the ball. Quite often you see a fault with a lot of irons because people are keen to see where the golf ball has gone, keen to try and help the ball up into the air. Now generally, when we get to the top of the backswing, if you were to lift up and swing down, the club goes outside the line, comes back across the ball. So standing up is going to encourage an outside approach into a golf ball if we can stay down and make really good solid contact from the inside. You'll feel that the incline spin angle staying over encourages the club to attack the ball more from the inside. You can then hit from in to out rather than popping up, throwing the hands over the top and hitting back across the golf ball. So a correct ball position, correct aim and really making sure we stay down with an incline chest position and we don't have the eyes popping up too early. That's going to be a great three little tips to help you draw the golf ball more successfully with your irons.