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Video Transcript

Interesting question this one. How should your elbows bend during the putting stroke? And it’s actually something that you very rarely hear people talking about. And that’s because there’s no definite right and wrong answer for this. Your elbows can bend differently for different people during the different putting strokes. So what I would suggest is when you set yourself up comfortably to your putter, feel what your elbows are doing to start with.

Now the important thing with that is then maintained during the rest of the stroke. So when the question is what, how should my elbows bend during the putting stroke, basically they shouldn’t. They should start in one position and they should stay in that same position through the whole stroke. So my elbows are starting, let’s look at this way, nicely flexed during my whole stroke, they stay nicely flexed. But if I was a bit of a taller fellow, with a shorter putter, I might stand up taller, my elbows would almost be straight, but then quite importantly they would stay straight unlike wise if I was a shorter guy with a much bigger putter, I might be down here quite bent over, sort of Michelle Wee style if you like, she’s right over the top here, but then the elbows stay exactly the same. If your elbows are moving during the putting stroke it shows that your wrists are probably moving too much as well and maybe even your hips are moving.

So if we started to bend the elbow back here, it’s a sure sign the wrists are going this way, and if we’re bending on the way through probably the hips and the elbows are going on the way through as well. So if I make a putting stroke whether I’m really tall or my elbows are straight, I rock back and rock through, my elbows aren’t going to move too much, and if I would bend right over the ball here, I would rock back and rock through and my elbows aren’t going to bend too much. So however you make your putting stroke set yourself up with comfortable elbow bend and then just be sure that you maintain it. Easiest check point for this, consider where the camera is, have a mirror, look head on into it and then just watch how your elbows are going to remain consistent during your putting stroke, makes a more consistent putting stroke for more accurate golf putts.