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Video Transcript

If we’re now committed to making this change where the right arm is going to be slightly more flexed at the set up position so rather than having both arms straight out here that can limit back swing movement, we’ve just got the right arm a little bit more flexed set up to allow the right arm to fold. If you’re committed to making that change there are a couple of things you have to be careful of. The classic case of this position is it’s probably the right elbow when it drops in changing someone’s grip position.

If you’ve been very tense and had your arms out here before you might find it quite easy to get your right hand to sit on top of the club. But now as you talked about bringing the right elbow in, the right hand now can fall underneath into a very strong position and you could do this and say “Yeah but look I’ve done this so I’ve got my right hand in the right position,” this is way too aggressive, this is way too strong, this is not a good look it’s not going to be good for your golf particularly.

So we want the right hand to maintain as much of its neutral position as it could before, but just with the right elbow sitting in this position slightly, that’s going to really work well for you. Another nice change I would like you to commit to in this position is just to have a fraction more tilt in the lower body. Sorry in the upper body from the lower body. So if before you had your arms up and you were stood up really tall, this isn’t a great position, this is too tall, too high hands.

We’re now going to drop the hands in and bring the right elbow and you can see how it just lowers my body down slightly so I’ve got a little bit more spine tilt, my right hand sits in here a little bit lower, elbow sits in lower, that’s allowing me to get a bit more rotation and a bit more coil in to my back swing. One thing you got to consider in this position is that we slightly tilt the shoulders back but not excessively and we don’t create too much tension.

So as my right hand just sits on in my right shoulder, I’m sorry my right forearm and elbow just dip, it’s just going to drag my right shoulder down; that’s no bad thing. Having a tilt in your shoulders this way is fine simply because the right hand is lower than the left on the grip we should have the right shoulder down, that’s no problem. And then the last thing to be careful of here is tension. Just make sure it’s nice and relaxed in the grip, we’re not strangling this, we’re not thinking too much about the grip, everything’s nice and relaxed.

Right elbow’s just a little bit more bent than the left and then in your back swing your right elbow nice and naturally fold, and then turn through. And as you turn through the right elbow of course that’s when it extends, that’s when it creates the most amount of power that’s why bending your right elbow can be useful in your golf set up.