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Angel Cabrera, now that’s one of the most recognizable guys you will ever see on the golf course, you could spot him from a mile off, just the way he walks, his attitude but also the way he swings the golf club. He doesn’t have the same sort of identical professional golfer swing that everyone else seems to have these days. He has got his own approach to things. A very sort of free wheeling fast approach through the golf ball, gets himself into a little bit of an awkward position at the top where he is right arm and forearm get very, very collapsed. He uses an incredibly fast hip rotation from the right side to really get out to this position, but encourages a massive lag and massive club head speed into the back of the golf ball, naturally one of the longer drives on the tour even though he is actually sort of ageing a little bit but now he is still really gets the ball out there with the young kids, but he incorporates it with phenomenal balance through the ball as well. So he is very consistent with even the fastest club head speed he gets through and he balances really nicely.

I think Angel Cabrera, one of the thing that you could learn from him, he actually has approached the mental side of the game is he doesn’t tie himself down with swing thoughts. If you ask him what he is working on in his game? He is kind of one thought of just square the club face of the impact, if I get the club face squared impact with the club head speed I am generating, I will be able to compete and play good golf. He doesn’t bog himself down with all sort of set perfect technical positions. So if you feel like you have got a decent swing you are setting up to the golf ball nicely, you are swinging the club quite smoothly and easily the one swing thought you might take out on the golf course is just get that club face back to square, if I can square the club face up 9 out of 10 times I am going to hit a lot of fairways I am going to hit a lot of good shots. Then in the finish position get nicely balanced and make a nice free flowing golf swing hooked that balanced position.

And hopefully if you can take a little bit of Angel Cabrera’s lead there you will hit the ball off the tee really nicely.