Feet Together

Want to lay the groundwork for a great golf swing? Improve your balance.

Poor balance is the culprit on many a mishit, causing contact on the toe and heel as well as thin and fat shots. Proper golf balance starts at address, of course, when your weight should be evenly distributed between the insteps (i.e. the balls and heels) of both feet.

If your golf swing is in balance, you’ll finish with weight poised on your left foot. If that sounds unfamiliar, give this classic drill a try on the practice range. It can be used with any club, but starting with a wedge is advised:

1. Place the feet together, nearly touching, and hit shots with a smooth, three-quarters swing. Hold your finish to the count of three.
2. Continue until you can swing without tipping in any direction and consistently make solid contact.

Once you’ve achieved several balanced swings in a row, resume hitting balls with your normal stance and swing. You’ll be amazed at how easily you retain steady balance from address to follow-through. (If you want to really test yourself, try hitting shots while standing on one leg.)

This drill also instills good rhythm, which goes hand in hand with good balance.