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How can I make adjustments to my setup in order to help hit a golf fade? Now a fade shot is a shot which starts just to the left of the target line and moves through the air with a gentle movement to the right to finish back on the target line if you are a right handed. Now there are certain things that you can do within your setup to actually make that shot more achievable. The first thing that you need to do is to understand that everything here relates to target line and that is the line, the imaginary line which traces from the ball to the target.

Now if I wish to trace a line for my ball, at this position here to my target, what I need to actually produce to hit a fade, is the club to be travelling from outer wing across that target line. And as the club travels outer wing across that target line, I need my club face to be slightly open to this path, but still slightly closed to the target line. And this relationship will cause a left to right back, a left to right spin and actually cause that little bit of a golf fade. Now the adjustments that you need to make for a start is to adjust how your body aims. So normally with a straight shot your body will be aiming on a parallel line, so this, so set right angles to your target line.

So the target line and then the body is set parallel to the target line. To actually swing and to make this adjustment to go slightly from outer wing, we can move our body, so it is in parallel to the target line but aiming slightly to the left hand side. And this will bring our swing from out to in cutting slightly across the ball. Now the second thing you can do to actually help make this actual move left to right in the air, you can actually adjust the grip as well, you can make the grip a slightly weak position.

So what you need to do is as you look down on your left hand your top hand, normally with a neutral grip you should be seeing two and half knuckles as you look down. What you can do is move the left hand a little bit more underneath the club so you can just about see two knuckles and then move then move the right hand a little bit more on top so you can also see about two knuckles. And what this will do, this will weaken the club face and cause it to remain slightly open through impact. And if you can get those two different aspects of the set of change, you will be able to hit an actual golf fade a lot more consistently, with a lot more control.