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Video Transcript

When you are really trying to power the ball a long, long way, using difference within the setup can give so much of a benefit. Now I’ve already spoken about that sternum position, I’ve already spoken about how you can brace yourself for the swing, but there is also some other stuff that you can do within the setup, to try and ensure that you are going to be moving in the correct manner throughout the golf swing.

So we already know, ball position needs to be forward, sternum position, generally needs to be behind the ball with that slight amount of spine turn. What we can also do with this is start to work on the posture, start to work on how we are using the ground a little bit more effectively to try and launch that ball even higher. Now during the setup position, with your posture, you want to be seeing that little bit of a tilt over with the spine so the spine must be nice and straight, ball position inside the left heel, that sternum position behind. But what you can also do, you can start to work on where your ground pressure is, so you can start your work on where your feet are and way your body weights is.

Now generally speaking, if your weight is too much towards the toes, what can happen is that club can start to travel outwards and start to move off to the left-hand side. If the weight is too much on the heels, you can start to drift backwards throughout the swing. In a normal shot you want that weight to be nice and even. However if you are looking for that big launch, if you are looking for that massive high drive, what you can do is you can start to put a little bit more weight on the rear foot to begin with. Now what this will do is actually as you turn back, it will load you up, it will even more behind the ball.

This is a slightly risky maneuver because as you load up more behind the ball, it means you have to travel left a lot more through the point of impact. But as you travel more left around the point of impact, as you have loaded more on the right side to begin with, you are going to be traveling left with the lower body shifting the weigh much more aggressively, while still staying behind it with the sternum to an even greater amount. And that can lead to such high launching, low spinning drives, but because it’s that departure from what you would normally dealing within your setup, it is a slightly risky maneuver. And the accuracy can suffer so that’s stance sternum titled and I am going to put that a little bit more weight on to my right side so I am sitting back into my right foot, a big swing and then launching through.

I had to work so hard to get myself back on to my left side there, but because the track was good, the launch was fantastic and the distance was awesome as well. So if you are looking to just make that small option, those small changes, they can make a big difference when you come to hit the shot.