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Video Transcript

So if you’ve now gone ahead and identified that the fault was that your shaft wasn't leaning forward enough at impact, you now utilize the drills to improve on that position you feel that your hands are now in a better position. Now we can take this idea out into the golf course and see what benefits it's going to give us in real play out on the course.

So one of the first things I think I would encourage you to do, is when you take this out for the first maybe half a dozen rounds with a better shaft position, you just be a little bit more conservative on your line, when you play on to a green. Some of the shots you hit here might go further than you’ve ever expected them to go, and they might have a little bit more spin to them, so just be a little bit more conservative on your line. Don’t go and take on any tie pin positions, just play center to the green or wide part of the green, for the first few rounds until you really get dialed in with your distance control, and I think really that’s the next point is that some of these shots, because you are striking the ball better and your hands are more ahead, you will actually hit the ball further than you’ve expected in the past or you’ve experienced in the past.

So you might just need to readjust some of your yardages, spend a little bit of time maybe on the driving range or on the golf course, just double checking the yard if it’s five balls with each club, work out the average. So we are not working out the best of the worst, we are working out the average distance. Make a little sort of mental note of that club distance and then when you are on the golf course, you can utilize that distance to better understand how far each club goes.

Well, the alterations that we might see you improve on is you might get a little bit more spin on the shot. Now ideally this is because the club is going to be coming down, striking the golf ball first and then striking the turf rather than striking the turf and then the ball, so you will get a cleaner contact, which will actually get a bit more spin. The benefit of that is now when the ball lands on the green, it should hold the green a little bit more better and it wont roll on, so the adjustment you need to make is you can actually fly the ball up a little bit further up the green. No longer will the ball land at the front and then roll all the way to the back, like it might have done previously with the post striking; now it can fly up to the flag, and hopefully the ball will spin.

One last issue that you might notice when you are actually striking this again it’s another little positive issue, striking this with more of a shaft lean, should actually encourage the ball to come out of a bad lie or a lie that’s quite heavy in the rough, a little bit cleaner. The noticeable benefit here is that as the club comes down with more shaft lean, its actually coming down a little bit steeper, so its higher in the end nearer to the ball and then drops on to the back of the ball from quite a height, so it won't get tangled up in the long grass. Previously, if you were in a bad light and you have an early shaft release, you might have noticed you were capturing the grass here before the golf ball scooping up, so that would’ve given you impact contact and a heavy shot when playing out of the rough.

So hopefully taking those three points on board with your new shaft lean, you can take that better impact position out onto the golf course with great success.