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Video Transcript

For a fully balanced workout within your golf routine, you need to do exercises which are going to engage multiple muscles at one time. Now using a Fli-crossover will do that as it engages the chest, it engages the arms, and it does so in a very simple manner. Now using these muscles effectively will give balance to the swing especially with the chest muscles which you don’t actively use, a massive amount when you are actually striking the ball it’s almost a secondary source of power but it will give balance to the back and the arm muscles, you don’t want things working apart from each other. Now the Fli-crossover simply, using a resistance band attached to a bench or a table, something steady which is not going to fly away. Holding the resistance bands and both hands behind, legs out in front of you, nice and straight, attempt to keep the back nice and straight as well, you don’t want to be hunching forward but holding the resistance band, bow to the side with straight arms, bringing it forward and then crossing the hands over, back, crossing the hands over just holding it for a moment, try not to hunch down, try not to snap back with the arms, holding and across. And if you can do that it will give a lot more balance, the overall swing, and the overall muscles when you are actually hitting the shot.