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Video Transcript

Here’s a cracking little drill if you are struggling to make those short putts and particularly if you are struggling to make short putts because you are decelerating with your action which is often something we see people do. They have a long back swing, they slowdown as they hit the putt, that twist of face and they don’t get the ball online to the hole.

So we are going to setup this first ball here, I am going to make a little putt here just 2 or 3 feet rolling forward, but I am going to make it with no backswing at all, literary no back lift just a push forward. So I set myself up here, normal setup, normal address position and grip and from there just push the putter forward. And as I push my putter forward I am looking for a nice long follow through making sure that I am keeping the club online, I am not twisting the club left or right as I do that.

Once I have hit maybe 10 or 15 of these push, just rolling them into the hole from a couple of feet away, the thing I am going to try a little bit further so again a nice solid setup, normal address position and now a good push through with my strokes. And my stroke comes up a little bit further this way almost as if I am taking a longer putting stroke. And likewise again, set the club up behind the ball, push it through have a little up to make sure my putter face is still pointing on the right line.

Now if you can be good at just accelerating through the ball maybe do 5 minutes of that sort of putt and drill, it feels like quite a long time doing lots of putts like that but actually when you then take your normal putting stroke hopefully you will feel, you have a nice accelerating stroke, where you only have a one third backswing and a nice two thirds follow through. And if you practice correctly that club should be running through pointing nicely on target. So one third, two thirds practice by having no backswing at all and hopefully that technique will work well for you in practice and improve your consistency when you are out on the course.