More Power Golf Drills: Belt to Target Faster

    Here’s a drill that will help you really belt the ball. Literally.

    The hips hold much of the golf swing’s power, so you must unleash them to unlock it. That doesn’t mean making a huge hip turn on the backswing. On the contrary, you want to limit hip rotation while making a full shoulder turn going back, which creates tension and torque in the space between the lower and upper body.

    The hips drive the downswing by pulling the midsection, shoulders, arms, hands and club into impact. The position of your belt buckle is a good indicator of how well your hips are working. It should point to the right of the ball (for a right-handed golfer) when you complete the backswing, and at the target (or slightly left of it) at the finish.

    What happens in between is critical to generating speed. Here’s a drill that will teach you to use those hips to maximum effect:

  • Loosely assume your address position with the hands apart.

  • Turn as though making a backswing, your belt buckle pointing to the right.

  • Snap the hips toward the target, pulling the shoulders and arms through the impact zone. The hips should be ahead of the upper body throughout the downswing.

  • Finish with your belt buckle facing the target.

  • Repeat several times until the motion begins to feel natural.
  • Next, try the drill with a club but no ball, then hit some shots. Start with short swings and work your way up to a full swing.

    Proper hip action is all about timing. Once you’ve got the lower and upper body correctly in sync, you’ll see major increases in both distance and accuracy.