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Video Transcript

During this set up and as you are actually hitting the ball, there are many things which need to be aligned correctly from the hips, the knees, the feet, the shoulders. One thing which often gets overlooked is where your arms are actually aligned. Now although your shoulders kind of predominantly actually dictate where your arms fall, it is obviously that connected hopefully so if not you should get yourself down to the nearest hospital but, your shoulders don’t always dictate for example about your elbow alignment, your hand alignment and your forearm alignment. They can all be different just like sitting down underneath the shoulders so don’t just rely on aligning your shoulder correctly.

Now a correct arm alignment they should be sitting pretty much kind of level with each other in this kind of position. So your right arm and your left arm they want to be sitting in this position here. So if you are looking kind of like from down the line or you are looking for where the camera is today, you won’t really be able to see much of a difference. So the elbows will be pointing into the side the front to the elbows will be pointing out to your front and then as you take your grip they remain pretty much in front of each other. Probably the most normal common fault with arm alignment is when the left arm actually starts to extend and protrude kind of out in a way of the others so it is not an easy thing to see when you are over the ball you might need to use say a mirror or just a plain partner to check that they are actually sat in a nice alignment.

Like say normally it is the shoulder which dictate but don’t get caught up in just aligning the shoulders make sure those arms are nicely sat just on top of each. If one does start to kind of protrude out [beneath] there that tendency is going to take control of the swing and that is what we don’t want. We want both arms working in harmony, both arms working in symphony as well. So just make sure you use a mirror, you use a plain partner check you for arm alignment, check your elbows, check your wrist, check check check be precise as possible. The more precise you are in your set up, the more successful your swings will be