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Video Transcript

One important part of the set up, the posture and actually the movement through the swing, is how much flex and how much bend you have in your knees. Now address, it’s kind of slightly easier to control obviously because you’re in an static position, you’re not in motion. I’ll address what you want to be seeing is for the knees to be flexed rather than bent. If you just bend them, it could be a tendency just to sit down on the shot. You are nice and flexed; you want to feel a bit more athletic over the ball. If you’ve played soccer before, you’ve either been in goal, it is that kind of position there, so you’re ready to receive the ball, you’re ready to receive a pass if it’s in basket ball, the same kind of position.

You want a little bit of flex in the knees, just to keep you active, just to keep you bouncy, you shouldn’t just be sat down and static in that position. Now although that’s easy to do as address, actually through the swing, is a little bit harder to control, because as you swing back, your body will want to straighten out your knees and straighten up your posture. This is something which should be resisted if at all possible. As you’re actually swinging, you’ve got that nice little flex just before you start – as you swing back, the right knee wants to be kept kind of as flexible as possible, you want to be keeping that exactly the same, but as you turn back, the back knee will straighten slightly.

Now this is something which is kind of the – the most the best and the most flexible the most athletic players can resist. You need to kind of keep that back knee as flexed as possible, and that will increase something which we call the coil in the back swing. If your back knee just start to straighten slightly, don’t worry about it too much, but what we do need to do on the way down, is add that flex back. Effectively what you want to be seeing, is through the actual swing, the knees to be flexed here, the left knee to straighten slightly on the way back, and then as go through the ball, that knee flex – especially in the left leg here, to kind of come back and as you come through, the right knee can start to straighten as it makes way for the right hip.

So it’s kind of a very athletic and quite complicating obsessive movements that you need to accomplish with the knees, but the easiest way to actually get the motion, is to just do a nice slow motion drill. So you take the club back and through slowly as possible, just feeling the different movements. So as you take the club away, so flex start with taking the club away back knee will straighten very slightly, but try and keep as much flex as possible, and then as you come through, bend knee starts to flex, the right knee starts to straighten and move out of the way, so that the left hip can turn through.

And just doing a lots and lots of little slow motion, little slow motion drills like that, will really help you get the feeling of what your knee flex should be first at address, and then through the swing. But give it a go, take your time with it there is no need to rush. Just take your time and really feel those different movements, and if you can implement them into your swing, fantastic. You’ll know and have confidence with your knees, by doing precisely the things that they need to be throughout the golfing technique