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One shot which all left handed golfer should, kind of add to their armory of the shot game is the high floating lob shot, it’s something which the, probably the best kind of left hand the golfer, kind of we’ve ever seen Phil Mickelson has just such so much success with when he’s actually around the greens. Now it’s not to be kind of used, kind of with every kind of shot game shot, it’s only to be used when there is something specific in between you and the flags, so like a bunk some heavy rough, and when there is not a great amount of room. So you need to get it up very quickly, down very quickly and landing very softly. Now it’s quite so much to a bunker setup, and the feet and the hips and the shoulders all need to be open and aiming towards the right hand side, now it’s not an easy kind of thing to commit to because it does require very full swing, very fast swing, and a lot of players can get quite nervous thinking they might thin it and fire it a 100 yards over the green. So we’ll take a little bit of practice and a little bit of getting used to but again it’s something which you should have in your game. So the feet, the hips and the shoulders all open.

Now if the cool face was square to that alignment, everything will be going off to the right hand side. So what we need to do is open up the club face, pretty much so it’s pointing straight up the sky. Again this can be slightly disconcerting but it will work if you give it a little bit of practice. This is what we are actually doing with the open club face, is on a very quick wrist hinge and then swinging down and underneath the ball, just popping the ball straight up into the air again quite similar to bunker shot. Now the key swing thought that I kind of want you to have when you’re playing this shot is to cut the feet out from underneath the ball, so really get down and underneath and clip it, up and away. So for the shot, the feet and the hips, shoulders all open, ball position at the front to the stands, again just to help lift it up into the air, the club face wide open and then a very steep wristy back swing and then cut the ball, cut the feet from underneath the ball. A little bit like that, just don’t damage the range, that you’re at, if at all possible, so try and implement that to your game, give it the go and do it in the safety of a wide open field and not with people around like I have just done.