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Video Transcript

As a golfer looking to improve your game, we look at all different attributes of a golfer and we try and work out which bits we can improve the most. So we might be working on swing technique, we might be working on mental preparation, we might be working on course management, we might even start to look at the clubs within your makeup of your bag to see where we can find our biggest improvements and benefits.

And there is one club I really think every golfer should have in that bag and that could be a lob wedge. Now a lob wedge is designed to have more loft than your sand wedge. So for a lot of golfers a sand wedge would be 54, 55, 56 degrees and that might be stamped on the base of the club. Your lob wedge will have more loft, 58, 60 even as much as 64 degrees of loft on a lob wedge. Now the benefits of having that club in your bag is that it gives you a shot that will fly higher, potentially it’ll fly shorter, but it will definitely land a lot sooner and a lot quicker.

Actually for lot of golfers with a lob wedge in their bag, even a full lob wedge will not go more than 60 yards. So I hit this one really high, really far and it lands for me around about 70 yards away, but if it lands at 70, it probably only goes 71. It’ll just bounce and stop on the very next bounce. And let’s say for a lot of club golfers, 70 yards is going to be absolutely full with the lob wedge. So it’s a very useful club when we are nearer to the green. Also a lob wedge is very versatile, it doesn’t have to be hit full distance, full power all the time. I can take a lob wedge; I can just make a very tight little back swing, a little through swing, and just clip the ball forwards a few feet in front of me here.

But again on its first bounce it really stops and grabs on the green. So if you been, ever been on the golf course and you haven’t been able to land the ball and get it to stop fast enough and it’s rolled off and trickled off too far the other side of the hole or even into a bunker, a pond on the other side of the green and you’ve wanted to see the ball go higher up into the air and stop quicker, consider the lob wedge, 58, 60, even 64 degrees of loft should be a club that you add into your bag.

In these next little series of videos, I’m going to explain the benefits of the 50 degree wedge – sorry the 58 degree wedge or the 60 degree wedge, the lob wedge. We are also going to look at the techniques that we can use and how we can hit these shots from a variety of different lies.