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Video Transcript

The whole point of having a good back swing and then having loose through swing is to deliver the club to the point of impact. It’s that space just before the ball and just next to the ball where all the hard work gets delivered onto that ball and hopefully will be delivered successfully and it will result in a great golf shot. Now, it’s important when actually it comes through the ball to release the clubface correctly. Releasing the clubface correctly means you come in slightly from an inside path, square clubface to the target line at impact and then as you come through, you repeat the motion or traveling a little bit more on the inside and then the clubface begins to release. So that’s what we mean by releasing the clubface. As it starts to rotate and turn metering the actual points where you come in, so impact from the inside open, closing, square, closing to inside; and that’s the correct release of the golf club.

Now it’s often hard to actually kind of coerce slowly through impact because you are traveling at a much higher speed you know, anywhere talking of 3 miles an hour if you are a good player. So it’s hard to get the feeling there, it’s a lot easier to get the feeling and to actually get the release correctly achieved if you focus on releasing the forearms all over in the clubface. And what I mean by that is that as you come through the ball, get in those forearms rotating over each other and coming into this position here with a left forearm on top of the right. Now, it’s not an easy thing to do and you don’t want to kind of bang it into each other but if you use a mirror, just in front and just practice getting into this position here.

Easy way to do it, is you just have lots of little practice swings only half way back and half way through but just stopping past impact and just making sure you are in this position here; with the left forearm on top of the right, releasing the clubface through in the correct manner. So give that a go, lots of those little practice skills and hopefully when you come to implementing a full swing, it will remain and you will be able to release it through nice and natural.