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Video Transcript

As you are coming through impact, you club could be travelling anywhere between 60 and well over a 100 miles an hour depending on your age, your ability and how fast you generally kind of swinging the club. When you are moving at this speed, it’s quite hard to control all the different movements of your body, because everything is moving so fast. But there is one key relationship between your head and your shoulder that I want you to just focus on and just give this kind of tip a go and give this drill a go as well. Try applying it to your game and see how it works out for you. The tip and just kind of a way to think about it, is resting your head on a pillow through impact against your shoulder. So as you are coming down through impact, you are on your head, just to be sitting back and you resting on this imaginary pillow between your head and your shoulders here. Just resting down and then as you coming through impact your shoulder will lift up and your head will lift up until you finish in a nice full position here.

Now the little drill you can use to try and implement this into your game, is just take it to the top of the swing and as you are coming down through impact, just pause and just check. So it is at the top of the swing, down, just pause here, the head is just tilted back, resting against the pillow in between your shoulder and then as you are coming through, the shoulder lifts up, the head lifts up, up into a full balance position. Give that a go, you can use that into your—you can work that into your pre-shot routine, you can work that into your practice, but there’s a key relationship that you want to get correct just at the point of impact, where the head’s nice and still but then just resting against this pillow and against this left shoulder here. So give that a go and see how you get on.