TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind WEDGE Review
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    The TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind retails for $129,99 (MSRP) and it's aimed at providing golf-players with a plethora of shot types using a single wedge. Basically, the TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind can be described as the swiss army knife in the realm of wedges. Long story short, if you require versatility and top performance with both grinds, the TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind is what you're looking for. Besides unprecedented levels of performance, you'll also get a chance to show off, because this high-trajectory ATV is fairly simple to play, being very forgiving and buttery smooth through the ground and plain effective from basically anywhere. The TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind features an all-terrain versatility shape, being a tad narrower than the classic-grind and it performs best from tight lies or with the face open.

    The TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind is designed for keeping the bounce lower on bunker shots, chips or on full shots. However, the bounce increases when you open the face, i.e. when hitting higher shots around the green. The TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind is described by Keith Sbarbaro (VP of Tour Operations for TylorMade) as being the purest and most traditional wedge the company ever manufactured. The face uses a Micro Texture design in order to improve control and ball speed which works in tandem with a very aggressive groove design, that improves contact between the ball and the club-face, resulting in excellent spin control around the greens. The wedge feels heavy but well balanced and easy to hit, the impact is quiet and soft, the grind is stable through the surf and in terms of distance control, the TOUR PREFERRED ATV Grind offers top tier consistency. The design is subtle, the wedge looks professional and confidence inspiring and the raw satin finish makes it look very aggressive.