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    The TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED EF retails for $159,99 and it's the most durable high spin model Taylor Made ever manufactured. Maybe that's due to the fact that Clay Long, an industry veteran, designed this wedge, and TaylorMade put their best R&D into its built. Who knows? Maybe both. So, what's so special about the TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED EF? Well, along with the unusual long name, the wedge features a lovely old school design, being a classic in that field, with its shiny, smoky finish (PVD), which combines awesome design with a non glare style, making all your golf-partners green with envy. Along with beauty comes high-tech, as TaylorMade put their best stuff into the Tour Preferred EF: this wedge uses cutting edge chemistry for providing you with durable and high spinning grooves. The process is called electroforming, hence the EF particle, and it represents TaylorMade's trademark.

    Other companies use casting or milling for the grooves, but the EF thing is chemical and makes for a face insert with sharper, more durable grooves than its competition. How did they do it? Long story short, the electroforming technology is very similar to electrolysis, i.e. it uses and ionization process in an electrolyte which contains cobalt and nickel materials. The ions resulted from the electrolysis get plated on a mold (master model) which forms the grooves. The face insert is made by micro milling using LASER tech. Basically, the TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED EF comes directly from the future, isn't it? This process makes for a cobalt-nickel insert which is fifty times more durable and harder than regular carbon steel. Are you sold yet? If not, well, there's more: the face is built using a Micro Texture technology, which provides extra grip, ball speed and control. In conclusion, the TaylorMade Golf TOUR PREFERRED EF was designed for giving the ball the right spin and trajectory (mid-height) for wedge shots and it's fairly easy to play it lower or higher, as required. This is a highly versatile wedge, combining traditional looks with top of the shelve performance and technology, making for a great choice if you like less bounce than average.