Ping Tour Gorge Grooves Wedge Review
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    The Ping Tour Gorge Grooves comes with a fancy name and it's another fashion statement from Ping, being a classy looking piece of golf gear which looks very traditional, in that confidence-inspiring kind of way.

    In terms of design, the Ping Tour Gorge Grooves comes with an elegant and attractive non glare finish (dark) which makes framing the ball a child's play. Also, the clever design significantly reduces glare in the sunlight. The club-head is rather larger than expected, but it definitely plays a role when it comes to the great feedback at ball impact, both on pure strikes and off centre hits.

    The Gorge particle refers to the specially designed grooves, which are milled to exacting standards for offering improved grip when compared to the previous generation (2011), and it makes for an excellent improvement in my view. Another change consists in the three sole widths, which are designed to be used for different kinds of lie.

    The Gorge grooves are engineered for producing a lower launch trajectory and increased spin levels when compared to the Tour S. There are different bounce options, which include a thin sole for firm turfs (sweeping swings are a delight), a standard sole and a wide sole (incredible when it comes to steeper swings). The Ping Tour Gorge Grooves features a slot behind the face for improving feel, thanks to the dampening cartridge strategically placed inside. Bottom line, this is a very versatile wedge, which provides you with a solid dispersion pattern, consistent distance on full shots and excellent spin rates/control. Basically, if you're looking for good distance, a good ball flight and consistency, shot after shot, the Ping Tour Gorge Grooves will be your best friend.