Ping Glide Wedge Review Review
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    The Ping Glide Wedge retails for $130 for the steel and $150 for the graphite version and it features 3 sole options: thin, wide and standard. As you can see, the Ping Glide offers a wide variety of fitting options to accommodate your swing style and the golf-course conditions. As expected from Ping, the Glide wedge features a cast-cavity back design and after taking it for a ride on the golf course, I must admit that what I was dealing with was maybe the best-ever wedge made by Ping. Or at least the best I've ever tried, and believe me, it was not my first day on the course. The Glide comes with a specially designed Dyla wedge grip, which is a little bit wider than you would expect; the Dyla part comes from the chrome finish, which is water repellent and also protects the 431 stainless steel head, making it glide easier through damp grass and what not. The hosel features a narrowing taper for helping the club to slip more easily through the sand, and from what I've tested on soft stuff, Dyla really gets the job done with flying colors, it's not just marketing after all. When it comes to full shots, the Ping Glide provides a lighter feel than regular muscle back wedges and also features an impressive balance.

    If compared to mainstream/standard muscle-backs, the Glide hits the ball higher than blades when it comes to full shots, and that comes as a logic consequence, given the exceptional amounts of forgiveness and stability of this wedge. I mean, it's like a trade-off of some sort and I can live with it. Bottom line, I really enjoyed playing with the Glide and I can definitely assert this is the best wedge Ping manufactured to date. The Ping Glide is a high flying, helpful wedge, which slides easily through sand and rough, it has a strong bunker game and it's very corrective on mises. If you're looking for a great game improvement wedge, the Ping Glide is an excellent choice.