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    wedge setup 1

    The setup or address position determines the distance, direction and trajectory of your wedge shots, and greatly influences the swing. These are the elements of a solid setup for full shots with the pitching, gap, sand and lob wedges:

  • Stance: For all full wedge shots, the outsides of the feet should line up with the outsides of the shoulders, give or take an inch either way. Also, right-handed golfers should flare the left toe out a touch – 20-30° — at address. Many teachers advocate opening the stance (left foot moved away from target line) on wedge shots to produce a higher ball flight.wedge setup 2
  • Ball position: The ball should be positioned at or near the middle of your stance. Move the ball slightly forward (to the left) to hit more lofted shots, and slightly right for lower shots.
  • Balance: Weight should be evenly distributed from right to left, and between the balls and heels of the feet. The knees should be somewhat flexed, similar to an infielder’s stance in baseball.
  • Distance from the ball/posture: With the above basics in place and the clubhead behind the ball, your arms should hang naturally from the shoulders as you bend from the hips (not the waist). Your backside should protrude a little, with the spine straight but not rigid. The hips should be level and lined up over the knees.
  • For more information on Irons and Wedges:

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