Mizuno S5-BLUE Wedge Review

    The Mizuno S5-BLUE retails for $129,99(MSRP) and can be described as a dependable and straight-forward short game wedge, which has that Mizuno prototypical feel and quite decent looks, especially in the blue finish (my personal favorite). I must tell you that in the golf industry, like in many others truth be told, almost any product that hits the market is at least good, and in order to distance themselves from the crowd, manufacturers tend to rely on hype. But things are different when it comes to the Mizuno S5-BLUE wedge, which is underrated to say the least, managing somehow to slip under the radar. Let's remedy that, shall we? Starting with the design, the Mizuno S5 features a blue ion coating and a silhouette shape, which is basically the classic teardrop without the drama. Truth be told, the Mizuno S5 looks more like a hybrid, something in the realm of “best of both worlds”, as it borrows parts of its physique both from the classic teardrop design and also from the round look which used to be a trademark of Mizuno design in the past. The size is average and it features a rounder leader edge.

    I must confess that the most unusual aesthetic detail resides on the back of the wedge, where the club's thickness varies surprisingly, to say the least. In terms of sound and feel, the S5-BLUE is a classic Mizuno, due to its proprietary Grain Flow Forging Process which uses a single billet of steel in order to provide its trademark soft feel, whatever type of ball you're using. Along with the very soft feel, the Mizuno S5-BLUE offers outstanding feedback, and that's great in my book. I must tell you that if you're an old-school player and you don't feel mesmerized by all the bells and whistles of today's marketing, the Mizuno S5-BLUE is a solid wedge that will provide you with lots of options. I mean, there are 25 choices for you in terms of loft and bounce combos and also different sole grinds. The only problem is that confronted with such a wide choice of fine tuning options, the weekend-warrior golfer may feel overwhelmed. I must also mention Mizuno S5's Quad Cut Grooves, a feature aimed at providing you with reliable spin. Bottom line, I highly recommend the Mizuno S5-BLUE to every golfer looking for decent looks, soft feel and solid performance, all nicely packed into one tight wedge!