NIKE Engage-54-Toe-Sweep-Golf WEDGE Review

    The NIKE Engage-54-Toe-Sweep-Golf WEDGE retails for $120 and it features a special design aimed at promoting consistent and dependable turf interactions in every condition imaginable. For increased versatility, Nike designed the Engage-54-Toe-Sweep with a narrow heel, a wide toe and a leading edge bevel, and the face of the club is now grittier for increased spin shot after shot. The Engage-54-Toe-Sweep has a central center of gravity (CG) which works miracles when it comes to turf interaction and a very gritty face that features Nike's proprietary technology Tour Garnet Blast. The aforementioned tech-gizmo provides a four hundred percent increase in roughness, which means that the Engage-54-Toe-Sweep will deliver more spin even on mis-hits or less than full shots, while the X3X grooves are more aggressive for delivering the maximum possible amount of spin when it comes to full shots.

    The wedge comes with a nice not-chromed and raw finish, very Tour-like (as in authentic), and the good news is that the un-chromed finish works wonderful in cutting glare, and also helps in terms of surface roughness, further improving control. The wedge is well balanced and stable due to its steel shaft (True Tempe Dynamic Gold) and the grip is also top-notch for great levels of control and comfort (Golf Pride Tour Velvet).