Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge Review

    The Mizuno MP-T5 wedge retails for $129,99 and it tries to gain ground on a hugely crowded market, where most golfers tend to flock to the established names out there. However, Mizuno has a good reputation for releasing quite a few traditionally shaped wedges who won the hearts and minds of golf players everywhere. So, what's up with the latest Mizuno MP-T5? Well, their latest product is a combo of spin, feel and control, in 5 sole grinds and two finishes. That's the short story. Design wise, the Mizuno MP-T5 has a textbook shape, i.e. a teardrop design, with a roomy face and a smooth and clean satin finish which is very resistant to wear and tead. So, in the “looks” department, Mizuno did a great job. At a closer inspection, you'll notice the deep pattern grooves which are designed for providing you with good levels of spin when it comes to full shots and also chip shots when around the green. Compared to the latest gen, the new Mizuno MP-T5 followed the advice from Luke Donald and now the trailing edge is a little bit less sharp, while the toe and heel grinds create a hugely versatile edge.

    Basically, this is not a revolutionary product, but an evolution by incremental steps, in good Japanese tradition, seeking perfection in everything they make. In terms of feel, the Mizuno MP-T5 stands up to their reputation (they are known for their high quality forged products). The feel upon ball impact in this wedge is absolutely brilliant , offering a full and meaty sensation, exemplary balance and a light touch, despite its relatively heavy head. When it comes to distance control, the MP-T5 really delivers, offering impressive consistency and lots of aid from full swings on down, great spin control and full shots stop on the spot. In summary, the Mizuno MP-T5 is an all purpose wedge which does a great job in any situation, from low skippers to monster flops, everything is taken care of with flying colors. And indeed, Mizuno really delivered with the MP-T5, living up to their own legend, creating one of the best wedges on the market today, surprisingly forgiving and featuring all terrain versatility, for suiting a wide range of abilities and styles.