Mizuno JPX EZ Wedge Review

    The Mizuno JPX EZ retails for $112,50 and it comes from a company who arguably makes some of the best steel blade irons in the world. The same story goes for the Mizuno JPX EZ wedge, which comes with two of the best features in golf: it combines incredible forgiveness and amazing distance, thanks to the state of the art technologies incorporated into its built.

    The Mizuno JPX EZ has a relatively large head setup, with a square design which looks very forgiving at first sight, and after playing a few rounds with it, I can confirm that it's true. The traditional shape and the round toe will clearly enchant most panelist's eyes. The clever design will help you to see the loft of the club at address, thus boosting confidence levels and inspiring positive vibes. In terms of feel, the Mizuno JPX EZ is buttery smooth at impact, but by all means, very responsive, in a soft way though, with little vibration. The sensation is very familiar and you'll also recognize it if you used the forged wedges from Mizuno in the past. Basically, the Mizuno JPX EZ feels like home, in a nice way. When it comes to distance control, the wedge is predictable in all situations, I.e from awkward distances around the green or from the sand. However, the Mizuno JPX EZ will give you total control from the fairway, just like a normal iron. Well, almost, but you got the idea. In terms of playability, this wedge is a good performer from all types of lies and exceptionally good for full shots from the fairway, with great trajectory and spin control. Also, the Mizuno JPX EZ performs well on tough bunker shots and incredibly good at basic ones. Bottom line, if you're looking for a little over-sized club which provides solid performance and a pleasant soft feel, go for Mizuno JPX EZ.